Amadou & Mamadou

Backwell Festival

Amadou & Mamadou

Amadou Diagne and Mamadou (Modou) N’Diaye Cissokho are performers who share the deepest of West African Music heritage, their main stage Sunday morning performance will be followed by a celebratory music workshop at the Tent Stage, which will introduce you to the rhythm and instruments of West Africa. This workshop was absolutely packed at WOMAD, so don’t miss it!

Mamadou Cissoho is a Master Kora player and drummer and a member of the famous Cissokho family of Griot musicians and oral historians from the Cassamance region of Southern Senegal and Amadou Diagne is a multi- instrumentalist, singer and percussionist from a long Griot family line of drummers and praise singers from the area around Dakar the capital city of Senegal.

Both Amadou and Mamadou play a wide variety of of instruments between them rangingfrom Djembe, Sabar, calabash and talking drum to the 22 stringed Kora (West African Harp) and guitar.

Growing up in a Griot family Modou was surrounded with the influence of music especially kora from a very early age so it was inevitable that the day would come when the traditions of the kora would be passed down to him.

Modou was taught the kora by his Grandfather (Jali Kemo Cissokho) and began at theage of five. At the age of fourteen he began learning the djembe and soon had mastered the art of many other percussion instruments. Modou is very proud of his heritage, he would play classical traditional songs as passed down to him but soon realised his passion and talent, incorporating these pieces with his own compositions creating a unique style of his own over the years.

Amadou Diagne has been playing percussion from the moment he was able to lift a small drum and join family members performing at whatever festivities were taking place in the neighbourhood of Dakar where he grew up. His talent lead to becoming a full time member of L’Orchestra National du Senegal with whom he would perform for concerts, Television, important national events and celebrations often with some of the biggest stars of West African music.

After coming to live in England Amadou began writing his own songs and playing guitar to accompany himself, developing a unique intricate and percussive style of his own. With an eclectic musical inspiration and dynamic delight in performing Amadou has been busy forging a growing reputation as an exciting live artist. Both Mamadou Cissokho and Amadou Diagne have been busy performing, touring and releasing albums.