Invisible Youth

Backwell Festival

Invisible Youth

Festival field, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. 

With Special Aerial Trapeze and Rope Performance on Sunday afternoon

Learn to juggle, tight wire walk and even aerial work – (aerial work is Sunday only. No dresses or skirts)

Invisible Youth are here to delight and amaze with aerial acrobatics, juggling beat box, comedy devilstick and hula hoop performances.

The Social Circus wing of The Invisible Circus, Invisible Youth uses circus and positive role models to engage young people and vulnerable groups.

Since the beginning of 2013 they’ve been practising Social Circus, offering circus skills workshops to young people from Bristol and beyond. They’ve discovered some mighty talent and enthusiasm, as well as sharing and learning such essential life skills as trust, teamwork, daring, body awareness, perseverance and achievement.

Invisible Youth believes all young people have great potential to become solid members of their community, proud of who they are and what they can do. And whereas they are not looking to turn out a new generation of circus performers, they do, more importantly, want to focus on the process of developing a skill and the gifts that learning and succeeding bring.