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“Super catchy tunes delivered with a soulful verve that’s simply infectious.”

Verdisa is an eclectic blend of rock, funk, reggae, blues and beyond, Verdisa takes you on a musical journey from the highest mountains, to the deepest oceans, to the core of your inner being and the edge of the universe itself! Bold claims, but it’s absolutely true!

“It just sounds great …. It’s a beautiful combination of voices” – Claire Balding (BBC Radio 2)

“We rarely come across a band that impress us and make us feel more happy to be alive” – Mike Love (Musican)

“The perfect blend of blues, jazz, funk and soul!” – Graham Maclean (Ents24)

“Super catchy tunes delivered with a soulful verve that’s simply infectious.” – Dave Henderson (Williams Green Stage at Glastonbury)

These young energetic and soulful musicians are not to be missed. For the last 6 years, they’ve been touring  across the UK & Europe. Playing hundreds of shows, headlining the 02 Academy in Bristol, performing at Glastonbury Festival, supporting artists including Mike Love, and enjoying airtime on BBC Radio 2.

Their feel for a wide range of music is extraordinary, fusing many genres with a genuine message of harmony and positivity. With electric guitars, beautiful harmonies, smooth jazzy saxophone and strong rhythm section, they always leave audiences craving for more of their infectiously catchy music. Not only this, they tune to 432 Hz which is argued to give a more harmonic and pleasant sound than industry standard 440 Hz.  432Hz, which is an alternative frequency that appears throughout nature, meaning it resonates with the entire world we live in and our very bodies. Listening to music at this frequency will help you let your inhibitions go, open up to your surroundings and live as part of a greater consciousness.

Verdisa is all about living in the moment and playing on the edge, songs can change at the drop of a hat and you can suddenly find yourself whisked away with a rush of musical spontaneity; anything can happen. Bring your dancing shoes!

Here’s a video for you

Formerly known as the Sam Evans Band, the musicians are:

Sam Evans – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Andy Slade – Percussion & Sax & Vocals
Jonny Turner – Electric Guitar & Vocals
Mike Peters – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Wilf Blomfield – Drums